SAD Light Therapy in Kunsthalle Bratislava

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That time of a year. It’s dark and cold. At once. It’s dark when you wake up. It’s dark when you finish your work. And you don’t have much time to spend outside. Since the rise of delivery services, you don’t even bother going out for lunch. It’s faster to get it delivered and eat in front of the screen. No time to spare.

But gosh even if you do work hard you’re not a machine. Yes you do use trade automators. AI assists every text and move you make. Chat GPT suggest which alt-coins to look out for. But you still need to sleep, eat, drink and have sex. And you need sun. The only enlightment you get these days is the one from two large plasma screens on top of your desk. Yes, your office overviews the city, but the glass are tinted and you can’t open them because of the aircon. Shit its hard to be on the top.

You know what? There ain’t much money can’t buy. You can’t book a sun to administer you a private audience. But you can buy therapy. And when you need light, your best therapy is Light Therapy. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. You’re glad as a little kid you booked your session at the SAD show room in downtown in Kunsthalle. It will be a hell of a parking but it ought to be worth it. 20 minutes and you’ll be back to your senses again. The que is long, but you booked VIP. There you go. It’s your turn now.

“Make yourself comfortable. Lean back. Relax. The sunbath is awaiting you” says the soothing voice in your luxurious headphones. This is a session for two. You met the other person in the elevator a few times before. He works just a floor under you. Small talk chit chat. “How are you?” “Oh I’m doing great today, thanks! And you?” The top management is all here.

The voice in the headphones continues: “Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD – is a medical condition describing changes in mood during darker periods of year. It is assumed that due to lack of sun exposure, some of us experience symptoms such as low energy levels, increased sensitivity and emotivity, feelings of sadness, craving for carbohydrates, and even feelings of guilt, depression and worthlessness.”

“Exposure to sunlight – or lack of it – effects the functioning of part of the brain called hypothalamus which is related to production of melatonin, serotonin and it effects circadian rhythm. Heightened levels of melatonin result in sleepiness, while lowered levels of serotonin negatively affect mood, appetite and sleep patterns. Combining the two conditions can result in apathy and depression. Changes in circadian rhythm – our internal body clock – can also alter our waking and sleeping period resulting in poor sleep and restlessness, further worsening the emotional issues.”

The light is getting somewhat intense. So is the sound. That must be only for the better. After all, this is >>accelerated>> light therapy. You definitely wouldn’t have time to stare into the lamp for an hour or even more like regular folks do. You feel it’s kicking in.

“Luckily, there is a very accessible treatment for the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light. It is advised that those suffering from SAD try to catch as much sunlight during these periods as they possibly can. In addition to that, it is advised to use a specially designed therapy lamp. Such lamp should have an intensity of at least 10000 lux, a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin, and Colour Reproduction Index of 80 or more all of which references the actual sunlight.”

You feel the session is almost over. The whole place smells like it’s been just unpacked. Stainless steel frame for those bright quality lights, designer cushions and bean bags, the print on the black mirror walls, even electronics and wires are custom made. And the walls change opacity as the light evolves. Damn! This place feels good!

“The lamp can be used throughout the productive part of the day, keeping the body and mind alert and awake. It’s best used in the morning after waking to kick star the serotonin production and adjust the circadian rhythm. It may be used as long as necessery, throughout the autumn and winter. It is advised not to use these or other bright white lights later in the evening to be allow natural fatigue to manifest and bring one to sleep.”

“Shit I wish I knew earleir!” you think to your self. It’s half past nine. In the evening. Seems like you won’t go to bed any time soon. But the others won’t either. Damn it, you only live once! Perhaps it’s time for a drink or two. Than you’ll decide if you’ll head back to your office, or take your chances tonight. Either way, the mood is excellent. Perhaps you ought to buy one of those little ones, and keep them on your desk. Have you got yours already? What you’re waiting for?! Head to