2017 – 2020 – University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Intermedia, Brno, CZ (obtained MArts degree)
2019        – Munching Square, Brighton, UK, phyisical computing (internship)
2018 – 2019 – Royal College of Arts / Royal Conservatoire, artScience, den Haag, NL (exchange placement)
2016 – 2017 – Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Faculty of Music, Brno, CZ, multimedia composition
2014 – 2015 – STSI Bandung / ISI Yogyakarta, ID, traditional Indonesian music
2013 – 2014 – University of Tasmania, School of Art, Hobart, AU, Installation and Sound Art
2012        – American University of Beirut, LB, Fine Arts and Psychology (exchange placement)
2011        – Bosphorus University, Istanbul, TR, Fine Arts and Sociology (exchange placement)
2008 – 2013 – Masaryk University, Brno, CZ, Psychology and Sociology (obtained bachellor degree)
2006 – 2009 – Conservatorium of Music, Košice, SK, drums and percussion

Solo Exhibitions

2019:  Three Shades of White and Mutual Resistance, VUNU, Kosice, SK
2018:  OSC^n(av) and Music box(cc), Cella, Opava, CZ
2017:  Loneliness, Monomach, Brno, CZ
2016:  Resonance, Studio Letna, Prague, CZ
2016:  PRESENCE, Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  _blank: sound of the medium, Gallery T, internet < >
2015:  I consume therefore I am / Saya beli maka saya ada, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  Fotky z dovolené 2010-14, Galerie Art, Brno, CZ
2015:  Pictures from holidays 2010-14, Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:, 70k74, Yogyakarta, ID
2014:  reFraming the Light, Salamanca Arts Center, Lightbox Gallery, Hobart, AU
2014:  I consume  therefore I am – my Tasmanian story / Gutter Cleaner, Salamanca Arts Center, Top Gallery (with Kasia Tons), Hobart, AU
2013:  Beauty, Entrepot Gallery, Hobart, AU
2013:  Socially Engaged Video: Test of Sirens, Food, Knowledge, Short T-shirt Movie Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, AU
2013:  Hidden and Emerging, One Wall Gallery, Hobart, AU

Group exhibitions

2020:  Intergalactic Enviromentalists: Geopoetics, Trixie, den Haag, NL
2019:  After Warm Up, The Grey Space In The Middle, den Haag, NL
2019:  New Translation: Geopoetics, Art&Tech Days, Kulturpark, Kosice, SK
2019:  Dikeou Collection: Undiscovered self, Denver, Colorado, USA
2018:  Have you seen these people?, Cluster Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017:  Sweet Spot, Dni aktuálnych audiovizuálnych stretnutí, DIG Gallery, Košice, SK
2017:  BIOS v2, festival Prototyp, Brno, CZ
2017:  BYOB @ Signal festival, Chemistry gallery, Prague, CZ
2016:  AV Depot: OSCn, ExFed, London, United Kingdom
2016:  BYOB: Decomposition For 9 Cellos and Undiscovered Self, DIG Gallery, 2016, Košice, SK
2015:  Geneng street art indoor exhibition:, ISI Yogyakarta Gallery, Yogyakarta, IN
2015:  Transformaking: Music Box (cc), Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, IN
2015:  Jogja Art Weeks: Music Box (cc), PKKH, Yogyakarta, IN
2015:  /fu:bar/ glitch art expo: Rosa goes to movies in internet- positif Indonesia, Siva Galeria, Zagreb, CR
2013:  Cup of Tea, Food, Test of Sirens, Beauty, Knowledge, The Wrong Bienale of New Digital Art,
2013:  inPrint and inInk: accidental landscape, SAC Long Gallery, Hobart, AU

Curatorial Projects

2019/20:  Digital Gardenning, The Wrong Biennale of New Digital Art,, Brno, CZ
2018:      Genius Loci,, Brno, CZ
2017/18:  Curating spam, pavilion at the Wrong Biennale, internet (
2017/18:  The wrong embassy, Praha 4am, Brno, Czech Republic


2019:  BIOS v3, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL
2018:  OSC^n(av), Genius Loci, Weimar, DE
2018:  the square, Korespondance, Žďár nad Sázavou, CZ
2017:  BIOS, Biela Noc, Košice, SK
2017:  SHOWstánek, Beseda u Bigbeatu, Tasov, CZ
2017:  Silent Stage, Miš Maš festival, Bojkovice, CZ
2016:  MASTERPEE, Beseda u bigbeatu, CZ
2016:  interactive skatepark, Genius Loci, Weimar, DE
2013:  reFraming the Light: Off the Wall – Public Art, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay, AU
2013:  reFraming the Light: Light Hunter, Tasmanian University Union, Hobart, AU
2013:  Installation PRIVATE, Streets Alive, Streets Alive Festival, Launceston, AU


2019(ongoing) – STELLA (somatic technology lab) – dance&technology in V4 countries
2019(ongoing) – SSESI – safe space for exploring  “s/” (supreme/serious/silly/scientific/spiritual/) ideas

Talks and Presentations

2020:  ECODATA conference: Planetary Thermodynamics – Energy Justice, RIXC, Riga, LV
2019:  Edge of Chaos, Vasulka Kitchen, Center for new media art, Brno, CZ
2018:  anti-mapping manifesto, Live Performers Meeting, ex-matadora, Rím, IT
2017:  Pecha Kucha night, Art & Tech Days, Kino Úsmev, Košice, SK
2016:  Pictures from holidays book presentation, Klub, Košice, SK


2020:  The Sound Office, Katowice, PL
2019:  iii, the Hague, NL
2019:  Baschet – structures sonores, Paris, FR
2018:  ErTEM, Gomorszolos, HU
2018:  resiDANCE, Komařice, CZ
2015:  Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta, ID


2019:  Gamma AI lab, St.Petersburg, RU (participant)
2019:  DataTata (big data and visual arts), Vasulka Kitchen, Brno, CZ (participant)
2018:  Introduction to TouchDesigner, Generate Festival, Tubingen, DE (host)
2018:  Musi Tech Fest lab/hackathon (data visualisation), Stockholm, SE (participant)
2018:  OSC^n DIY analog synth, Genius Loci festival, Weimar, DE (host)
2018:  Arduino for visual artists, Live Performers Meeting, ex-matadora, Rome, IT (host)
2018:  OSC^n DIY analog synth, Frei Platz festival, Opava, CZ (host)
2018:  Choreographic coding LABx, Sensorium festival, Bratislava, SK (participant)
2017:  OSC^n – DIY analog synth, Festival Generate, Tübinegen, DE (host)
2017:  Interactivity, arduino and sensors, Cluster gallery, Prague, CZ (host)
2017:  Interactivity for artists, arebyte 117, London, UK (host)

Theatre and performance

2018:  Urgent Need to Breath, Trafo, Budapest, HU
2018:  Urgent Need to Breath, Bakelit, Budapest, HU
2017:  RGBW, Orlí theatre, Brno, CZ
2016:  Everyone will be famous for 5 minutes, Signal Festival, DOX, Praha, CZ
2017:  In memoriam, Festival of scenic multimedia, Museum, Napajedla, CZ
2017:  How is it in front of the camera?, Madeta and public space, Brno, CZ
2015:  A month in Pyjamas, public spaces, ID
2013:  crowdfund my life, public spaces, Hobart, AU a internet
2012:  Your voluntary celebrity, public space, Brno, CZ and internet

LIve viusals/sound/AV

2019:  Jardin des Recherches Musicales, Paris, FR
2019:  Gamma festival, AI stage, St. Petersburg, RU
2019:  for drums, RCC, Galerie 3, KABK, the Hague, NL
2018:  Excerpt from art of noises (AV performance), AV Kino, Genius Loci, Weimar, DE
2018:  VJ set (1flsoap), Shape Festival, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, SK
2018:  VJ set, Herna, Brno, CZ
2018:  VJ set, Poličský Festival, Polička, CZ
2017:  Happy Birthday! (AV performance), Art’s Birthday International, Matiční dům, Opava, CZ
2017:  VJ set, Melodka, Brno, CZ
2017:  VJ set, festival Prototyp, Brno, CZ
2017:  Vj set, festival UMUM, Stará Ľubovňa, SK
2017:  BYOB, Signal Festival, Prague, CZ
2017:  live visuals, Breakfast Festival, Meziricko, CZ
2017:  live visuals, Art Cafe, Brno, CZ
2017:  Art of Noise v2 (AV performance), Live Performers Meeting, Amsterdam, NL
2017:  live visuals, NOKTA Festival, Opole, PL
2017:  Art of Noise v1 (AV performance), mmmm – multimedia music monthly, Brno, CZ
2017:  pro bicí, Studio soudobé hudby, Brno, CZ
2017:  live visuals, Melodka, Brno, CZ
2017:  DJ set, ODLET IV, Madeta Art Studios, Brno, CZ
2017:  DJ set, Emocean, kavarna Trojka, Brno, CZ
2017:  Salon původní tvorby, live electronics w/ Páchova a Vítová, DiFa JAMU, Brno, CZ
2017:  live visuals, Desert, Brno, CZ
2017:  _blank: sound of the medium, mmmm – multimedia music monthly, Brno, CZ
2017:  Pro bicí, mmmm (multimedia music monthly), Brno, CZ
2017:  Modular synesthesis, komorní sál JAMU, Brno, CZ
2017:  improv, Sklenená louka, Brno, CZ
2016:  Dust in the groove, Distillery, Brno, CZ
2016:  Analog Kick, Inflight 2, Madeta Brno, CZ
2016:  offline, BYOB, Signal Festival, NoD, Praha, CZ
2016:  VJ sympozium, Kotolňa, Košice, SK
2016:  OSC^n, SCHISM, Londýn, UK
2016:  Excrepts from Art of Noises (AV performance), Jogja Noise Bombing Festival 16, iCAN gallery,Yogyakarta, ID
2016:  Kaya Goak, w/ Madek Sumadi et 6 performers, Tembi Rumah Budaya, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  Kretek – Keretek, Asmara Art and Cafe, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  Floating Soul, w/ Fitri Sastrodiharjo et Neri Novita, Yogyakarta Open Studio 15, Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta, ID
2015:  Musin Hujan di Bandung, Bukan Music Biasa, Surakarta, ID
2014:  live visuals, Jogja Noise Bombing 2015, Yogyakarta, ID
2013:  Neglected by Grand Piano, Museum of New and Old Art (MONA), Hobart, AU
2012:  live electronics, Control Mechanism, Archieve Gallery Brno, CZ

Screenings and projection mappings

2018:  How to become a great VJ and mapper, Genius Loci Lab, Weimar, DE
2018:  Ephemeron (mapping), Brno, CZ
2017:  napr. a pod., Vary Září, Karlovy Vary, CZ
2017:  Threshold Manifesto, Maska, Zlín, CZ
2017:  Rosa goes to movies in internet-positif Indonesia, Echo Park Film Center, LA, USA
2016:  Rosa goes to movies in internet-positif Indonesia, Kraton, Undiscovered Self, Decomposition for 9 cellos, [re+act(ion)] festival, SILOS, Lisboa, PT
2016:  Rosa goes to movies in internet-positif Indonesia, Undiscovered Self, free_art_-_glitch Karlovac, CR
2015:  Test of Sirens in collaboration w/ Karolina Kohoutkova, Léto na staré radnici, TIC, Brno, CZ
2015:  Beauty, Cup of Tea, Knowledge, Food, Festival International di Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital, Espacio Enter, Canary Islands, ES 2013:  Beauty and Cup of Tea, Festival Internacional del Cortomoetrajos del Uruguay, Montevideo, UR
2013:  Beauty, Festival Internacional Tomacine Cortomate ’13, Bunol, ES
2013:  Cup of Tea, Bideodromo 2013, Bilbao, ES
2012:  Test of Sirens, Brno16, Brno, CZ
2012:  Patience, Festival de Sueca Miarda, Barcelona, ES
2012:  Test of Sirens, Erasmus Film Competition, 1st prize in professional category, Peniche, PT

Bibliography and discography

2020:  Planetary Thermodynamics : Energy Justice, Thesis Catalogue of Brno University of Technology
2018:  Have you seen these people?, AVU publishing, Prague, CZ
2015:  _blank: sound of the medium (vinyl LP), self published
2015:  I consume therefore I am, self published
2015:  Pictures from holidays 2010-14, self published
2013:  Interview for online magazine, July 28
2012:  Making of Celebrity: An Empirical Investigation Into Essential Prerequisites of Becoming Famous, Thesis Catalogue of Masaryk University
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