New Translation

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I am super happy to report I was part of group exhibition entitled New Translation. The exhibition took place in Kasarne Kulturfabrik, Kosice, Slovakia in November 2019.
Curatorial as follows:

“Communication is the basic activity of our body. The expression of our thoughts, opinions or emotions by words, gestures, images or sounds is preceded by the internal communication of cells. The cells themselves communicate by chemical processes. From a macro and micro point of view, communication is not only a natural but also an inevitable process taking place in the human body.
The exhibition is a free visual essay of curator’s selection presenting artists from the Central European region. While creating the exhibition it was important not to follow the way of an educational, informative, explanatory or commentary exhibition. The aim of the New Translation is to stimulate thinking about the possibilities of communication, about us, about the Earth. About new realities, and futures.”

Artists: Michal Machcinik, Agnieszka Mastalerz, Michal Mitro, Jakub Ra, Daniel Szalai
Curator: Nikolas Bernáth (VUNU). Architect: Tomáš Kocka

Pictures from the opening