Untitled Geopoetics

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A new work commissioned for this years Art&Tech Days (Kosice, Slovakia) exhibition entitled New Translation.

“This work seeks to present a non linear narrative – an archipelago of meanings – that are relevant to most of the lifeforms on planet Earth. It visualises various elemental forces that we humans share with other species. It is composed of bespoke electronic components which are juxtaposed by multitude of potted plants. 
I wished to explore the modes of relation between humans and nonhumans. Besides our bodies sharing same material elements, prevalent relationship seem to be colonial, still. This can be illustrated as gardenalisation of nature. That is to say our constant monitoring and controlled development of plants’ lives and bodies in seek of anthropocentric and monetary goals. On the other hand, there is a strong tendency to naturalise artificial environments and that often by utilising technology. The two worlds overlap, obviously, but there aren’t many fruitful intersections. 
My work aims to strike a thought on how can humans and nonhumans coexist better, in non-anthropocentric mutual manner. How do we reach the new planetary consciousness? How do we write the geopoetic future?”

The work elaborates on my previous exploration of Fauna’s life and our relationship to it. This time though I chose more sensitive and intuitive way of suggesting and exploring an interspecies connection. The results are quite visual, which again, seeks to bypass the rationalisation and appeal directly to emotional, sub-conscious cognition.

Photo documentation by ryon