Edge of Chaos

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It is hypothesised that dynamic systems with feedback can experience an adaptation to the edge of chaos. This term is used to denote a transition space between order and disorder, region of bounded instability that engenders constant dynamic interplay between the opposing poles.This work aims at creating a framework for such phenomena to occur and for audience to enter this realm and add or subtract from it. Doing precisely that, it seeks to embody the specificity of the contemporary momentum – the rhizomatic now.

Rhizome is a botanical term used to describe the system of roots of various plants and fungi. Its specificity is horizontal growth, great complexity, multitude of nodes and interconnectedness. This artwork utilises multichannel routed feedback as a metaphor for the flow of information that has become rhiozmatic. In this sense, it represents signal whose origin and destination is not clear, where linear causality looses its explanatory and predictive potential, and where everything is interconnected to the point when the whole information system becomes a huge organic infrastructure impossible to decode. One may enter the system and add to it or substract from it, but without ever knowing the exact result of their actions. The system encompasses incoming signals, reiterates them and functions self-sufficiently as a hyperobject outside human scope.

Pictures from the opening at Common Space at Katowice Art Academy

For those who understand Polish, here is a snippet of an interview we made for Polish local TV3. (please excuse my improvisational Polish too :P)

This installation was kindly supported and produced within premisses of Biuro Dzwieku Katowice, manufactured with expert support of Katowice ASP Art Academy wood workshop craftsmen Pawel and Piotr and displayed at ASP’s Sala Otwarta space. The whole project was finanicially supported by FPU – Slovak Arts Councial and Visegrad Fund. Thank you!