SAD Light Therapy at Escape Distopia

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SAD Light Therapy has been featured as part of Escape Distopia featuring Polina Davydenko, Total Refusal, Eva Ursprung and myself. The exhibition was curated by Monika Bekova and Iris Kasper.

Here is their curatorial:

“Escape Dystopia neither promises a rosy glimpse into an ideal future, nor does it paint the devil on the wall. It tries to give a concrete face to the questions of current global problems, to make them visual and tangible. Only when we understand a problem, its depth, have scrutinized the causes and effects, have looked deep into its eyes, can we also find profound solutions. The exhibition offers a space for reflecion, a pause, a moment of calmness even as the bomb keeps ticking. The future starts tomorrow, yet we can only guess what it will bring.

Current Global Troubles: Where Do They Come From? What do they bring with them? Without question, they affect all of our lives. How can we approach them without being paralyzed by fear? The exhibition Escape Dystopia shows an examination of current global issues and brings together works by Austrian and Czech artistic positions in contemporary art from the fields of video, installation and media art, which are new for the exhibition and thus correspond to the pulse of the time.”