Mutual Resistance

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On 6th of Februray 2019, I premiered an interactive immersive installation called Mutual Resistance. Exhibition took place in VUNU gallery, Kosice, Slovakia.

More about the work:

Mutual Resistance is an interactive installation that draws its inspiration from electrotechnics – the resistors’ combinations (in series or parallel). These laws are extrapolated into context of politics and social activism – citizens resisting higher (political) power. When number of resistors are placed in series – i.e. when their ‘legs’ are connected together when resisting a common component in a circuit – the resistance they generate is a sum of all the values these resistors may have. However, when positioned in parallel – i.e. when every resistor is generating its own resistance against one common component – their overall resistance is significantly lower.
I find it intriguing how fitting this analogy is when brought to socio-political context. Given a group of people oppose higher power together as one body the momentum is much more potent than when the same amount of people would oppose the very same power on their own, un-united.

The artwork relies and heavily depends on audiences’ interactions. By creating a tangible and comprehensive physical experience, work seeks to create a meaning that is not only understood but also felt emotionally and ‘lived through’.


Video shot and edited by Tibor Czito. @cibiscuit 
The work is on display till 22nd of march 2019 at VUNU Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia.
This work has been supported by slovak arts council.
Toto dielo bolo podporené z verejných zdrojov fondom na podporu umenia.