Urgent need to breath

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Together with Lubos Zbranek as THE MANIFESTO, we helped to create synthesis of light, sound and movement with Ziggurat project exploring the experience of free diving. I was working mainly with the sound. It was premiered in Trafo, Budapest, Hungary.

“From vibration to vibration.
As I vibrate, my body responds.
I sink into myself.
A flow pulls me in, my thoughts become clear. I am present … a tiny molecule in the huge liquid space.”

Choreography: Flóra Eszter Sarlós
Performers, co-creators: Ádám Bot, Emese Kovács, Alexandra Mireková (SK), Barbara Rusnáková (SK)
Light and interactive design, wearable electronics: Luboš Zbranek (The Manifesto, CZ)
Light designer assistant: Gergő Lukács
Music composition: Ádám Márton Horváth 
Music composition and sound design: Michal Mitro (The Manifesto, CZ)
Mentor: Eszter Gál
Production assisstant, marketing, communication: Brigitta Kovács
Special thanks to Kristóf Szabó, Fanni Lakos and Máté Czakó, Sensorium – Bratislava
Traier: Gergő Lukács
Premier: 21th of May 2018, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts