Sounds awful (the shit synth)

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A performative presentation that seeks to crowdsource the meaning of what contemporary art can and cannot be. It is based on quotes of introductory books into contemporary art and visual culture which are than demonstrated on works that are prepared as an elaboration of the quote. The audience is than asked to vote whether the perceive certain work to be a work of art or not.
The centre piece of the work is the so called shit synth; a set of three square wave generators, three custom built speakers and three little amps. Plus, obviously, three glass banks filled with excrements, compost, and ashes that I produced. The three square wave generators vocalise the sound of each bank respectively by using its electrical resistance as a frequency determining factor.

If you’d like to see the whole performative presentation, its here, in Czech and Slovak.

part 1 – presentation
part 2 – discussion