Sweet spot

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Sweet Spot is an interactive sound-and-light installation by THE MANIFESTO (Lubos Zbranek & Michal Mitro). It was exhibited as part in DIG Gallery as part of Days of Current Audio Visual Encounters, Art & Tech Days 2017, Kosice, Slovakia.

What we perceive as colour, hue, brightness, pitch and loudness is in its physical essence nothing but vibration. Visible light is a sphere of electromagnetic spectrum that oscillates at frequency between 390 and 790 terahertz (1012 Hz) while audible sound is vibration of air ranging from 20 to 20000 Hertz1. Sensorial qualities of these vibrations only exist as an interpretation of our mind. Should our senses operate differently, we could probably hear light and see sound… right now, the nearest bit of visible electromagnetic spectrum is 389999999980000 Hertz away from being audible…
Electric current of an household oscillates at 50hz which is then modified and multiplied by the appliances’ circuitry. Saying that, any electrical lightning will propagate in wide electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 50hz or lower up to 790 teraHertz and possibly beyond. The lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum
technically lies in the audio range but electromagnetic waves cannot be directly perceived by human ears; sound waves propagate themselves through mechanical compression of molecules while electromagnetic waves travel through vacuum and solid matter at speed of light. To be heard, electromagnetic radiation must be converted to pressure waves that oscillate the air. To hear and see something in best possible manner, one must position herself in so called “sweet spot” which is the very place where all acoustics merge and all is fully and clearly visible. Where light is fully and clearly audible, where sound-bath is shining through, that’s where the real sweet spot is. Step into the middle of the installation, close your eyes and experience