SAD Light Therapy meets “Naši” – Study of Climate Crisis

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SAD Light Therapy is the first of the forthcoming interventions into program of HaDivadlo Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic. This season, HaDivadlo is exploring the notion of Degrowth and accordingly, they have decided to not premiere any new plays. Instead the theatre is revisiting existing pieces, it combines them with other works of art, or alters its settings. The first such activity is the combination of my work SAD Light Therapy with the play “Naši”, which engages in a family dialogue on both personal and planetary crises. The two works engage in an interesting conversation as, besides other topics, both explore the scenarios of undoing the impact brought about by advancing technologies with the very technologies themselves.

The light therapies were staged in the theatre for three consecutive days, before and after the performance. The installation has been extended by the video works featuring some of the play’s actors and has a new design and overvoice by one of the characters.

The collaboration has been initiated by Tana Malikova and coproduced by Anna Prstkova and Ivan Buraj. 🙏 If you speak Czech, you can laern more about the intervention here and here. The next intervention is lined up for May. Stay tuned.