Planetary Thermodynamics – Energy Justice

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 This work presents a history of an utopia that never happened. More importantly though, it may have. The initial stimulus was a personal experience – an attempt to create a temporary autonomous zone in a particular garden colony in Brno, Czechia. This docu-fiction story starts where my personal experience ends. The impossibility or inability to transform a slice of space-time outside of Fukuyama’s end of history becomes the subject of speculative archaeology research. I apply its methods to discover present state of affairs from the viewpoint of the future status quo.
 Through the site-sensitive arrangement of locally found objects, custom-built monitors, light design, text and automated greenhouse system, I intend to retell the story of a new future. It is built on the synergic interconnection of technological and natural sources that rejects and overcomes the anthropocentric dichotomy of nature and culture. It perceives silicon and carbon chips and semiconductors in their mineral substantiality as augmented natural entities. The fauna and the flora have been re-acknowledged with the status of autonomous intelligent actors. Humankind’s social, economic and political order is structured around new distribution of both material and symbolic assets. This is derived directly from energy outputs and inputs calculated in Watts and Joules. That in its turn effectively erases racial, gender, national and status-based ways of segregation and exploitation.
 This work is part of my ongoing long-term research into relationship of human, nature and technology in its possible and plausible futures.

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