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Finally, as good as it gets documentation of an interactive installation entitled OSC to the n-th power. The OSC acronym stands for either Oscillator or for Open Sound Control protocol. In this case however, it is meant to signify Open Source Collaborative noise, where “n” equals amount of participants.
The work consists of four easily controllable panels that constantly generate a square wave drone. The design of this simple synthesiser is based on non-proprietary schematics, namely Nicholas Collin’s World’s Simplest Oscilator. The synth changes the pitch when aproached with light source (ie phone) or when shadowed (ie by standing in front of it) making it really easy and ituittive to play and even jam.
The installation was first showcased in London’s AV depot in 2016:

It has been now updated with another four panels which carry four video-synthesisers with little screens that visualise the sound of respective oscillator.
The video has been taken during the dernisage of my solo exhibition at Cella Gallery, Opava, Czech Republic in 2018

And a little timelapse of me finalising the installation plus some dernisage pictures (including the Music box (cc) piece 🙂