On my way to Paris, Baschet and JRM

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This morning I woke up at 5 am (after long night solder of my brand new piezo preamps) jumped on the bus, caught a train, currently driving a bus and than changing 5 more trains to finally arrive to Paris by the end of today. What a trip! I’m sure it will be worth it though.

I was invited by my friend, sound artist Julia Drouhin who is currently resident artist at Baschet instruments (or sound structures as they prefer to call it). The organisation carries the name of its now descent founders, the Baschet brothers, who are probably mosst famous for their cristal baschet, although they have done so much more. I will join Julia and other artists for 24 hour non stop music night-over at the studio full of these and other insanely interesting sonic objects. If you’re in Paris, please join us.

If you’re elsewerhe, please tune in – the event will be streamed. If you’re in Hobart, Tasmania, head to Contemporary Arts Tasmania and listen to the stream there. (www-wow)

I’ll also be doing a performance with Julia and another Austrialie friend Dexter Rosengrave. We’ll “play together” at le Jardin de Recherches Musicales (fb event)at disused branch of Parisian railway. Its going to be the whole saturday of sonic experimentation, all transmitted over short wave radios.

I’m excited! Stay tuned for more updates 🙂