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An interactive video installation at Monomach gallery, Brno, Czech Republic elaborating the concept of acute loneliness one may experience from time to time.

“In his interactive installation, which at first glance bares the unmistakable name Loneliness, Michal Mitro materializes a feeling to most of us well-known. He, however, reveals its deeper meanings and, through its symbolic language, forces us to open up and think about what we usually perceive as natural and every-day. It is the feeling we all know, but we rarely try to intensely grasp and decode it. It is loneliness in form of seeking our very self, as desire for human interconnection, which is present in both crowded and deserted spaces. The loneliness is created by our subjective self. Michal’s work carries a strong social and psychological subtext based on a creative re-evaluation of common interpersonal interactions.”

curatorial by Dana Dvořáková, Monomach gallery