for drums v2

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Cut-up of my composition entitled “for drums” at den Haag’s academy of arts Composition-ArtScience-Sonology irregular show case series (2019). At this occassion I am presenting “for drums” in its second iteration which invites audience to trigger percussive and non-percussive sound remotely over smart-phone app or physically, utilising drums’ natural resonant properties.

The works concept reads as follows:
“This piece aims to vocalise the very application of theorems of DeLanda’s New Materialism into field of composition and music. It attempts to give voice to the body of the instrument rather than imposing arbitrary will of composer onto it. By doing that, I attempt to both conceptualise and materialise an active matter endowed with its own tendencies and capacities, engaged in its own divergent open-ended evolution, animated from within by immanent patterns of being and becoming.”

“For drums” first iteration is to be previewed here: