Curating Spam @ WRONG biennale

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Spam pavilion and Spam Embassy at the wrong biennale 2018

Spam as information
Spam as aesthetics
Spam as communication strategy
Spam as curating
Spam as all the things you never wished for but happened anyway.

“Curating Spam” pavilion was first intended as huge spam-box. Place full of useless (but hopefully entertaining) shit.
Now with all the artists interpreting concept of spam in their own unique ways, basis of shit remained (it just wouldn’t go away) but we built a citadel on top of it that no one ever expected. We talk politics, incoherency, misunderstandings, information (…overload and distortion), post-internet, popular culture, religion, transformation and loss of meaning, language, identity, and more to come.

But where’s curating in all that spam? I had a feeling few times, that it really is the spam filter that curates part of all that is going on in (not just) art world. If the information doesn’t pass certain arbitrary criteria, it is disregarded without further investigation. I decided that for the entrance criteria, the spam filter of an open call inbox would just do the job. Gradually, conversing with artists, I discovered that it is our very conversation and its evolution that carries most vital information about negotiating, selecting, finalising and displaying the works. Hence, that is the curatorial you’ll get for every artist’s contribution.

All framed in terribly frustrating and demanding aesthetics, obviously.
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Information as spam
Aesthetics as spam
Communicatin strategy as spam
Curating as spam
All the things you never wished for but happened anyway as spam.