BIOSv3 at Mediamatic

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Third iteration of BIOS installation, This time at Amsterdam’s Mediamatic.
Version one and two are here and here.

“World of plants is a primitive system of inputs and outputs, where light and water constitute inputs and physical growth is an output. World of computers is a meta-system of inputs and outputs, where inputs are zeros and ones and outputs are zeros and ones, usssually cofigured in a somewhat more sofisticated fashion. BIOS stands for basic input – output system. Plants can be considered to be BIOS. BIOS is also software that boots computer. Therefore, plants boot computer….?
Wrong statement logic leads either to error or to art.”

Installation BIOS balances on the verge of bio-hacking and new media art. An element that connects computational technology and indoor plants is, nevertheless, human and his physicality – his touch and intention being the most natural form of interact-ion/-ivity.

Piece was commissioned by and presented at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, 2019, the Netherlands