STELLA conference presentation : 3d printer as a performative agent

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In 2020 and 2019 I took part in STELLA – Somatic Tech Live Lab. This research initiative aims to map and reflect current situation in fields of performing arts and technology and is looking specifically for their overlaps and connections. As the project was funded by Visegrad foundation, we focused on exploring the scene of four countries in Central Europe – Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The pinnacle of the project was the 4 day event in Trafo House of Arts in Budapest which consisted of workshops, installations, performances and conference.

While I took active part in most of the programme, here I wanted to share one specific contribution of mine which is the presentation at the conference. I talk about a project i am currently developing – custom built large scale 3d printer – in a context of movement, performing arts, and human-machine interaction. In presentation I discuss speculative artistic utilisation of mainly utilitarian fabrication unit that 3d printer usually stands for. I also attempt to stretch the notion of agency towards post-antrhopocentric future and explore how human and machine can relate otherwise.

The title of the presentation is When Attitudes Become Forms – Body, Work and Technology in Post-Antrhopocentric Future.