My name is Michal Mitro aka plankton vs flying animal. I am visual artist, composer and performer operating on the edge of visual and sonic art, utilising space and time as main medium of expression. I strives to mediate “trans-sensory” experience translating and appropriating information from one sensual category into another. Dis-illusion, post-truth and megalo-minimal are my favourite modes of operation.


Michal Mitro is visual artist, composer and performer working across wide field of media. Coming from Social Science background he aims to doubt and discuss the status quo of the “naturally given”, “normal”, and “traditionally right”. He focuses his attention on nuances of every day life that, granted their ordinariness and omnipresence, cease to attract any interest and critical thought and are widely but silently accepted. He, too, strives to diminish and ultimately defy the border between audience and artist/composer, to redefine the art making process and to work towards more inclusive, more accessible and more public art.
His another and rather different field of interest is mediating trans-sensory experience appropriating information from one sensual category into another and building light and sound art installations catered for specificity of given space. With his colleague sur sur they founded “the new new media project – The Manifesto” which aimes to deliver AV works that trully make most of connecting power of sound with that of light and moving image.
Education and training-wise Michal Mitro holds bachelor of Psychology and Sociology since 2013. Thereafter, he studied Sculpture and Sonic arts at University of Tasmania, finished a year course in Gamelan (traditional Indonesian music) at ISI Yogyakarta and underwent not so amazing year doing not so classical composition at Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Czech Republic. Currently, Mitro is busy building large scale / audio-visual / interactive installations hoping to eventually finish a masters degree (Intermedia and Digital Arts at University of Technology, Czech Republic).
Mitro has exhibited, performed and workshoped (both hosting and attending) internationally, mainly in Australia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and on the Internet.